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Turnkey Rental Services Product Sales

Broadcast Sports, Inc. has been a leading innovator in the live broadcast production industry for 30 years. We deploy a wide range of audio, video and communications technologies that our in-house engineering teams have designed and developed with the unique needs of our customers in mind. We use a turnkey service model that enables our customers to integrate BSI's wireless technology seamlessly into any production. Our services include:


  • Site assessment
  • Logistics management
  • Technology deployment & onsite support
  • Frequency coordination & licensing
  • International Customs clearance
  • FAA & FCC approvals
  • Travel arrangements
  • Remote crew staffing
  • Mobile RF units


Click here to learn more about BSI's Turnkey Rental Services.

After many years of building equipment for our own use, BSI has designed and built a product line that will be available for purchase in 2013. The Real Freedom family of products is just the first in what BSI hopes will be a diverse range of next generation wireless broadcasting technologies. BSI's Real Freedom product line includes:


  • Real Freedom Camera Back Transmitter
  • Real Freedom Receiver
  • Real Freedom Data Transmitter
  • Real Freedom Down Converter


Click here to learn more about BSI's Real Freedom product line.

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